How is it so damn easy to forget to "put your oxygen mask on first" when life gets busy???

It has been one hell of a month and a half. Whenever it’s time to begin getting Mikaela ready to go back to LA for the year, life gets that little bit busier. This year that regular busy-ness was multiplied by like, I don’t know 200% due to the broadcast trip she needed to take for her program mid-August in New York, and Brianna’s wedding. It seems since August 5th I’ve not had enough hours in a day to manage all my normal tasks, my 2017 commitment to myself of figuring out my health issues once and for all, and wedding planning.

No wonder I haven’t been sleeping for the past week. Even with all my potions, lotions and tricks it has been a struggle to string two hours together without being awake for another two. Last night I finally slept, at long last it didn’t elude me. Why? What was different? I did all the same tricks that I’ve been doing nightly for the past week and a half that didn’t work. So what had changed?

Simply, I caught up.

I caught up on my blogs. (Which I have to say I’m absolutely blown away by all the new readers, and commenters that I see on Twitter and on my page itself! Thank you and WELCOME, my heart is overflowing!!!)

I caught up on my emails.

I caught up on paperwork, bills, filing.

The thing that I believe is the most important piece is that I caught up on ME. In the middle of another day filled with obligations and pushing paper I squeezed in an hour to sit in the sun in my garden while scrolling Instagram. Decadent and indulgent. Pure and utter bliss. I don’t recall the last time I stopped mid day to just say F*@K it, this will all still be here in an hour. And it was, and then I sat back down and got down to a bit more business until the girls and I jumped in the car to go see a movie, another thing I haven’t done in months and months and months. I ate popcorn and escaped for a little bit. So happy. So wonderful.

It is amazing how quickly we can forget to stop and take time out for ourselves during an abnormally high responsibility time in life. I don’t know about you but I very easily, and comfortably, for a time, slip into; “I got this” mode. I can do it for days and days, even weeks on end. Until suddenly and without notice I hit the wall. Usually my hitting the wall begins with sinus pain, body aches, and then the dreaded no sleeping. Normally I don’t sleep for a night, maybe two. But this time it was pushing past the seven day mark and I knew I had to STOP doing SO DAMN MUCH. So rather than push some of the looming paperwork etc onto today, I opted to get it all handled yesterday no matter what. Which meant after the movie another couple of hours of paperwork. YB arrived home around 11pm, I was still hard at work, by the time he showered up, and I wrapped up I fell into bed just before midnight. Later than I wanted but, guess what?? I slept. Through the night. Knowing that all I had to do today was get up, write this blog, go get my hair colour fixed for the big day, and then drive with my girls to Buffalo to witness my nephew play in this special team USA hockey game. I don’t quite understand it, other than to say that he’s one of like 44 potential draft picks for the 2018 draft out of all the kids eligible in America, and he was handpiced to play this game where there will be scouts from the entire NHL present to watch. Even if I still had a mound of work to do I can tell you one thing for certain, I would not miss this game for the world!

So friends as I prepare to shuffle off to Buffalo for the day may I leave you with this one reminder: TAKE SOME TIME OUT OF YOUR DAY FOR YOU TODAY.

Lots of love,