When did dads being dads become something to admire on the internet???

You know there is this new trend on social media where dad’s are posting videos of them “taking care” of their children, and this shit is going viral. Like people are losing their minds over dad’s posting videos of them feeding their child. Playing with their child. And generally being dads. Parenting their offspring is apparently a HUGE DEAL. If you are a man. And if you’re a woman who is responsible for forwarding or watching one of these videos, I’m going to ask you to stop. Not because it isn’t cute that they’re doing it, but because nobody is posting videos of moms just being moms. If they are, then that also needs to stop.

I mean, WTAF is going on out there in this crazy world of ours?? How is a dad, being a dad, something to be celebrated, to the point where videos of them doing just that becomes an internet sensation???

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm?

I mean is it just the; “Oh my husband is looking after the kids” modern day explanation to a woman being asked, when God forbid she managed to be out in the world footloose, and fancy free with none of her children clinging to her apron string? I have to confess, even I am guilty of having replied that a good number of times whenever I was out, and none of the girls were with me. I didn’t reply, “they’re home with their dad.” I more often than not would say, “Oh Yannick is looking after them.”

Why? Why would I have said that? He wasn’t looking after them, like a neighbors kid, he was doing his part of the parenting job, by being alone with his kids so I could get out of the house and have some quiet, adult time to myself too.

So what gives folks? Why are we so impressed with a man pulling his weight in the parenting department. It’s not a big deal y’all. It’s part of the job. You impregnate a woman, you’re a parent. Period. End of story. No need for legions of online fans to applaud you for being a dad. Yet people are making it such a big deal.

Is nothing sacred anymore? Is everything up for fifteen minutes of fame. Pretty soon people who have been constipated for weeks will be posting that first shit they take, and it will be news. It will be an achievement worthy of recognition on the internet. I kid, obviously we won’t stoop that low praising what should be just a normal bodily function. Will we? I mean here we are making videos of dads being parents viral. What will be next???

One can only guess.

I’m editing my “How to raise your Kid without losing your Cool” book right this moment, perhaps I need to add this to the mix: “Hey dads, it’s great that you’re hands on, so much better than the alternative. But why don’t you just keep that to yourselves, it’s not something worthy of international recognition that you’re, you know now caring for you offspring that you played a large hand in creating. Slow down. Just take a breath and be a dad. A dad not on the internet looking for praise.” It’s all a part of this navel gazing, we must have a gender reveal party, we must bring our stroller into a five star dining room, and allow our baby to scream its head off during what is their sleepy time so that we can continue to live uninterrupted in our lives that we’ve grown accustom to.

No. It is not. It is just you being a parent, and part of being a parent means that sometimes you don’t get to go five star restaurant until you a) have a babysitter you can trust or b) have a kid old enough to maintain their cool while there. And maybe you just need to play with your kid, or feed it without feeling the need to post it to the internet.

For the love of God people, let’s dial all this indulgent, I’m the first person EVER to parent my kid nonsense. Trust me when I tell you this, you will raise way cooler adults if you don’t treat take them, or yourselves too seriously. Please, keep your cool! I’m begging you.