The cool part about not giving up, is that the things you really desire end up coming your way...eventually!

I’ve always loved the sayings: “Let go and let God.”

“Everything will come to you at the perfect time” and probably the one that has carried me through most of my dark, and doubting days: “Never give up, greatness might be right around the corner.” That one alone has got me to sit down and rewrite pages I’d already written twenty times before.

Even when I’ve had been completely lacking in faith, I’ve always believed that, greatness, success, victory, or whatever you call it, could really and truly be RIGHT THERE. Also, during my darkest hours I have often asked myself this, while lying in a dark room, blankets pulled up to my hairline; “What if you quit right here, right now Shantelle and the breakthrough, your victory, your reward for all the hours of hard work was waiting just at the top of this last mountain you climbed? How would you feel?”

The answer was, and always will be, that I would feel like total shit, and I would mostly likely spend the large part of the rest of my life more disappointed in myself for giving up than I ever would for continuing to push myself up, and over, the next hump.

Nowhere did it say going for something extraordinary in life would be easy. In fact, I think we can all agree that anything that we’ve worked extremely hard for, and reaped a reward for has been tough, but well worth it. For example, it’s how I’m feeling today, well actually, how I’ve been feeling since I received an email, inviting me to be a guest on a talk radio show last night. I’m feeling like I’m walking on a cloud. A radio host, Jon Pole, contacted me, asking me to be a guest on his show to discuss my HuffPost piece about kids, and dating; and I’m still feeling deeply thankful for the opportunity, twenty four hours later. And I’m deeply thankful, to not only myself for not quitting on me, but for Yannick for always telling me that I was worthy of all that I desired. My girls for letting me adventure around and try my hand at many different things, while also mothering them. And my ride or dies, you know who you are, and I love you madly. None of what is happening for me right now would be possible without all these key, important moving parts. It takes a village to raise and support an adult too I’d say Hilary.

Over the years I’ve visualized a lot of stuff for myself, as my curiosity in what I might want to be “when I grow up” covers a wide range of interests. From watching, Barbara Walters, and Arsenio Hall back in the 80’s, I developed a desire to do talk TV, and then came Oprah, and I was determined to do what I do best; talk for a living. I put that out into the world in the early 90’s friends…it is now, for those who don’t know, 2017…for a quarter of a century I’ve been patiently manifesting, working toward talking on TV, and radio.

That is commitment. I have been devoted to achieving this for longer than most people stay married.

That’s impressive.

I have to say that all my desires, and aspirations really began to come together after reading Shonda Rhimes’ Year of Yes in January 2016, I then followed that book up with Jen Sincero’s You are a BADASS. I swear it is the trifecta of these two books, and my newfound friendship with the dynamo, force to be reckoned with, Natasha Koifman that have truly taken my determination, and faith in believing down to my toes, that what has been placed on my heart was put there for good reason, and that it will come to me. Probably not in my timing, or even in the way that I mapped it out to. But, the bottom line is this: if one never gives up, then eventually what you desire, dream, and long for has to come. The only part of all of this that I couldn’t have imagined is that all this would come together through my writing!?! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always enjoyed writing, English was my favourite subject in school, and I was obsessed with poetry, and story telling. Writing is a true passion of mine, and you know what I’m quite good at it; who knew?? I just didn’t think I would get to talking on TV and radio about kids I never thought I’d have, and in large part due to this website right here, that originally began as an outlet for Black Picket Fence. Oh, my look how we’ve grown little website, I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings! One thing is for certain, here’s to many more radio, and TV talking escapades in my future!!