Common sense. Oh where, oh where have you gone???

What are the song lyrics; “I never promised you a rose garden…”

That’s how I’m feeling when at the start of the week I’m already behind on my blog. So here’s the deal: it is wedding week, I will give what I can give when I can give it. Which might mean I’ll have to catch up with you all next week once we hit Friday of this week. I also know that you’re all awesome and you totally understand if I go off the grid by the end of this week.

In the meantime I do want to say this, thank you to those of you who are trying to send gifts to Brianna and Craig. You’re all too sweet, and thoughtful and kind, but please the only thing they need from you are your prayers for a long, loving life together, and no rain on Saturday, because as of right now it is sitting at 70% chance of rain. I truly mean this, please do not go out of your way at all to send them anything, especially anything that has any religious significance, since neither of them are that way inclined, and I would hate for anybody to spend their money on a gift that will not be honoured and cherished by the recipients. Please, please, please do not send gifts, I truly cannot stress this enough; if you truly want to celebrate them please do so by donating to a charity of your choice in their names.


Thank you for listening. xoxo

Now on to today’s blog…cell phone etiquette…there have been, and I can count on one hand where I have walked up to a cashier, or bank teller still on my phone. The only reason this has happened was I was in the middle of an emotionally supportive call with one of the my three girls who were in the middle of a cirise. Otherwise I think it’s one of the rudest things a person can do. Seriously call the person back, give your full, polite and courteous attention to the person seriving you. It’s that simple. This is a trend that needs to stop, and it’s an easy one to break. So let’s all agree to have our manners lead the way on this, shall we?

The other thing I don’t get is when a person accepts a call on their device, so as not to be rude to the people sitting at their table they come over next to another table and carry on their loud cell phone talking there. Ahhhh, no. That’s still rude. Maybe not rude to the people you’re having dinner with, but it’s truly rude to me and the people I’m trying to have dinner with. Take the call outside, or in a hallway, or here’s a thought; don’t take the call at all.

And this last thing that makes me go “hmmm” doesn’t have to do with cell phone ettiquette, but rather simple basic human behaviour to avoid. If you walk into a room where somebody is working, i.e on their laptop, you can hear the keys clicking and their head is down, don’t walk up to them and strike up a chat. They’re very clearly working, and most likely it is time sensitive. Just wait until they’re done typing, and if it seems like they might not ever be done, say; “excuse me.” Get their attention, wait for them to let you know if now is a good time or not to talk about your dog sleeping in your bed and do I want to see photos? No Janice I can’t at this moment I’m already in conversation with somebody, give me a little bit of time to be free from my work to chat about your kid peeing the bed last night. Give me a fighting chance, I don’t want to come across to you as rude, and I don’t want to feel rude. So if my head is down, I’m working. I know it’s hard to know if that’s what’s going on since I work from home, but 90% of the time that I’m on my computer it’s because I’m working. I’m not online shopping, or surfing the web, oh how I wish I was, but sadly I am not, and people who can’t read the signals of a person working, confuse me.

Which just leaves me with this one question: Common sense, oh where, oh where have you gone???