How from the comfort of my home, can I help the children who are the greatest casualties of war???

I don’t know where you all stand on war. Or what your thoughts are on how to deal with terrorism. Or what you even believe about all these things. I just know that my heart cannot watch the news anymore. I also know that I rarely click on my Twitter home page, because to be blunt, my heart breaks, and my stomach falls to the floor every time I try to go on there. I honestly don’t think I can take looking at another photo of a child with their head bandaged, or blood running down their faces, or worse. Being carried off, dead.

Lives cut short.

Lives ended before they’ve even had the chance to begin.

And for what?

I’m asking in earnest? What the fuck are they fighting about in Syria? Because remember, I don’t delve into the why’s of what’s happening there; all I know is that it’s over the struggle for power. Who has it. Who doesn’t. And how far they’re willing to go to get it.

And so lives are lost; many of them young lives. And my heart breaks.

So I wonder; how is the best way for Canada/America to handle what’s happening there? How can we allow refugees into our countries by the tens of thousands when so many who already live here, live in poverty, struggle to find employment, afford healthcare, and housing? When we bring them in, what are bringing them to?

I have no answers about what’s best for them, of for us. I do know this much, no child should live their young lives in fear. No child should go hungry. No mother should watch her child die. Ever. Whether it be from illness, accident, or war. It is the most unnatural heart breaking thing.

But, how do we prevent it? How do we stop the extremists if we don’t manage them with a firm hand? How do we eliminate them, without any innocent casualties?

War has never been the answer. Yet what other ways are there to deal with a group of people who are without consciences?

I don’t know what you’re thoughts are on the current state of the world; super powers testing missiles, dropping them, and bombs, sending their warships where they should not be? Me. My heart breaks for the children, for lives cut off at the knees. All their innocence, purity, hopes, dreams, childhood fantasies ended far too soon. I have so many feelings, too many questions, and no solid answers. So I pray, I pray that this will come to an end quickly, that the leaders find a better way, and do what’s right for the innocents caught in the cross fire. That, although one cannot replace a child who has been lost to them, I pray that these parents survive the war, and find it in their the hearts to be brave enough, to dare, to love that deeply, and selflessly again to have more children. Then, when those who have lost so much dare to risk it all again, I pray that those children will come into a place where there is peace.

For now, this is the best I can do…