Traveling with your baby, how hard can it be??

First let me begin today’s post, which will probably just slide in before the clock strikes 12am…that today was a travel day, which is why this is coming to you so late. I saw that some of you were missing today’s muse, so I hope in my tired state, this doesn’t disappoint, or let you down in anyway.

Today’s musing is about traveling with your baby, how hard can it be??

Yannick and I have traveled a ton with our daughters starting from when they were all very small. As in, Toronto to Vancouver to Fiji to New Zealand sort of traveling with an 18 month old Brianna, and then the same again a couple of years later with Dominique in tow. We know a thing or two about traveling with small kids. Today, I flew with my baby, and she was a dream traveler, just as she has been every single other flight we ever took together. Granted my baby is now almost twenty, who lived abroad and traveled all over Europe on her own for the better part of a year, but still, even when she wasn’t a young woman, she was an amazing traveler. Maybe it’s because all of our girls have had to travel so much during the course of their lifetimes? Maybe it’s because of our parenting “look” that we would give them when they even showed signs of having the idea of getting all wound up and filled with nonsense in a public space, that made them behave in such a mannered way. I’m not exactly sure what it was, but we definitely didn’t have screaming young travelers as our companions. Not the way we seem them these days, some other babies and their parents are not a dream to have flying on your airplane with you. In fact there are some baby/parent duos that make you wish, if even for a moment, that the floor would open up and take the screaming, freaking out small person, and their disinterested in their antics parent into the cargo storage with the rest of the other wild animals.

The thing that makes me “go hmmm” about the whole traveling with a child hell bent on making not only its parents life a living hell, but every other living human being within ears shot lives also a living hell, is why don’t the parents DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT??? Like are you having fun?? Because the rest of us sure as hell are not…I have some homework for you. Go to your bathroom, or your bedroom, practice this at home, develop “the look” that can stop your child cold in their “I’m about to stir up some shit by screaming my fool baby head off” attitude.

Trust me, look in the mirror, think “OH NO YOU WILL NOT” with your eyes.

Do it, you may not get it right the first time, ask you partner if your “I’m not f’n around with you and your nonsense look” is convincing. Don’t stop until it is, and then the next time your child, who you know, and I know, is driving you mad with embarrassement, decides that a small confined space is the best time to scream their lungs out, you will give that look and they will know.

And they will not.

Trust me on this. And please for the sake of all humanity sharing a confined space with you, try it.

We all, thank you, in advance.