Why do celebrities endorse companies that animal test???

Today is a full disclosure post:

Let me begin by stating that I eat animal protein. Not much, because I fundamentally disagree with it, but enough to keep me from becoming sick.

I am not a vegan. I have mad respect for them, and if I could be vegan without getting as brutally ill as I did the last time I attempted to live an animal product free life, I would so do it. To that point, I do buy, animal products as “consciously” as one can. Chicken free range, pasture raised, no grains, no soy, no antibiotics, hormones et al. I do this with all my animal products. I don’t wear fur, but I do wear leather shoes. I don’t buy makeup, skincare, or products from brands that animal test. To be clear. I am not vegan.

I am reiterating this because I don’t need anybody emailing me saying “how can you post about celebs who get paid to promote animal testing products, while you eat them” sort of emails. I mean, you’re welcome to send me those emails, I won’t reply, because I’ve already adequately explained myself here, in my opinion.

When Mack had his first cancer diagnosis at four and a half, we stopped vaccinating our dogs, after a holistic vet shared with us that they weren’t necessary, largely because our boys never get kenneled. They don’t go to kennels, because kennels won’t take them. We’ve been told “no” in the past, either due to the fact that they won’t kennel boxers, Kohl’s fight while I was away is a strong argument for that reasoning, or they don’t take “intact” males of which, we have two. She also shared with us that there is a direct co-relation to illness and disease in them when you do. So now, our boys only get their rabies, and they get the 3 year one so they are minimally vaccinated. I’m also very proud to share that we’ve only given Duke one round of heart worm, flea topical pesticide stuff, and Kohl has never had it. Their food is all organic, low grain, and they get veggies from me all day long while I’m cooking. We’re doing our best to give them a healthy, disease free life. We love them. They are our babies.

Earlier this year, Yannick was approached to become a spokesperson for one of the giant pharmaceutical companies to preach the benefits, and necessity of heart worm/flea and tick medication, Yannick didn’t even entertain the idea. Didn’t want to know how much money they were willing to pay him to “do the job.” We didn’t want to know because we didn’t want to be tempted. And let me tell you, companies like this, who know some people are against what they sell, often throw huge chunks of change at you to reel you in. And we’re Canadian talent, every penny helps, and counts! We didn’t take the offer because we didn’t want to be hypocritical. Not that anybody other than us, and our inner circle would bear witness to the hypocrisy if he had taken the money and ran, our own integrity, and that small circle was enough to keep us straight. I am honestly, how could we take money backing a product we have fundamentally issues against? We couldn’t, so we didn’t.

Which brings me to something that has always, and continues to make me go “hmmm.” Why is it so many famous people in the world, with massive bank accounts are out there promoting, and encouraging the sale of brands that still in this day and age do animal testing? I don’t get it. Like Victoria Beckham with her new line of make up with Estee Lauder? Or all these celebs; Elizabeth Hurley, Eva Mendes, and Gwyneth Paltrow, who have at one time or another profited from being the face of them. A brand known to still conduct animal tests. Although they’re clear to state that it’s only for countries that require it by law. Hello Estee Lauder that would be like me claiming to be a vegan on all the days I don’t consume animal products.

Yeah. Sounds dumb doesn’t it.

You either animal test or you don’t.

You’re either a vegan or you’re not.

I’m heartbroken that one of my most fave celebs, Chrissy Teigen gets paid by a company that does animal testing as well. What is with her TRESemme shampoo endorsements? They used to be animal free, but now under Unilever they no longer are classified as such. I just don’t understand. I get why us Canadian talents would be chomping at the bit for any work, but people with so many other things on the go? With combined bank accounts and incomes with partners who also have highly successful careers. It just doesn’t add up…

I’m going to choose to believe that they don’t know, that somewhere out in the world, these companies they’re backing, are testing on animals. I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt that they, like me, before I began digging a little bit deeper, also believe it when the back of the bottle says “animal cruelty free” products…