If you carried it in, or to a conservation area, what makes carrying/taking it back out such an impossible task???

Many things happened today, Sunday September 18th, 2016.

1) it had been almost exactly two years to the day since I last went on a bike ride with my husband. Two years ago, we were riding at our favorite place, Hardwood Hills when he convinced me that I had progressed enough to “ride a skinny.” Which in this case was the trunk of quite a thin tree. I was feeling brave, confident and sure, so I gave it a whirl. He was running along side me sort of propping me up, the way a parent does their small child, as they learn to ride a bike. Then a stump came upon him and he had to let me go, shouting that “you got it, just keep going, eyes up, eyes up…” And then, within what seemed like milliseconds, I was on the ground trapped between my incredibly sharp pedal, the skinny tree and the dirt. I lost a considerable amount of flesh off my knee, and TIFF 2014 was in a week, and all my outfits that were planned were dresses. I was not pleased. Plus it hurt like a MF. That was the last time I rode a bike, until today. Today I got back in the saddle, and I not only survived y’all. I thrived. My confidence was shaky at the beginning but then my groove came back, and truth be told, my husband and his friend were riding too slow for me. I’ll be sure to let them know the next time we go out, that they need to “pick up the pace!”

2) my girlfriend’s boyfriend, who is a race car driver, won another race today, in Sonoma! He has podiumed twice out of his last three races. WHOO HOO! Big day.

3) my father in law celebrated a birthday! YAY, Happy Birthday Dad. Wherever you are in the world…the man is IN HIS 70’s and he is clearing his land BY HIMSELF in the jungle of Belize. Impressive.

The biggest thing that happened today, was while riding in the Christie Conservation area, we went to the waterfall peaks, to look out at these natural wonders. I was blown away. I knew we had waterfalls in Ontario, but man oh man seeing them up close and personal was breathtaking. I mean, in my own backyard. Stunning. Blessed. In heaven.

There I was totally taking in, blissed out with my surroundings, when I started to take in other areas of where I was. That’s when I saw it. TRASH. LITTER. CRAP. Things brought there by humans. Things that hadn’t walked themselves in, just thrown away, in nature. That part, I couldn’t deal with, that put me over the edge to the I CAN’T EVEN. There was so much recyclable matter littering the hillsides next to the falls, that I was stunned, disappointed and then angered. Am I alone here? Am I the only person who just doesn’t understand how human beings are capable enough to carry these items to a beach, or in this case, waterfalls nestled in the middle of a forest, yet not have the memory, or manners to take them out when they leave????

Seriously people. WTAF.

The foxes, deer and raccoons don’t have thumbs, they’re not walking around with trash bags picking up all your f’n litter. Do that yourselves. And you know what, if you can’t be trusted to manage your trash, then do nature a favor, and stay home. Throw your water bottles, Tims’ cups etc on the floor of your living rooms, let the animals live without your trash.

This has been a Shantelle Bisson PSA.