Can you be thankful, but hugely disappointed all at the same time??? DON'T MISS THE DISCLAIMER AT THE BOTTOM

Good Morning awesome ones!!! First things first, you are all the absolute best! Your love, commitment, support, and genuine excitement for YB and the Fan Choice Award was second to none. He, I, were both touched, moved and surprised by your outpouring of love.

Thank you doesn’t seem like a big enough expression of gratitude, but sadly it’s all I’ve got. I hope it is enough.

Congratulations to the lovely, sweet, and kind Natasha for her big win, and to every other winner of the night. I’ll tell you this, it is so inspiring to watch the Canadian industry grow, and the brilliantly talented people who make it so, receive not only their just deserts for their hard work, but also national recognition as well.

That being said, this has to also be said. The Academy continues to disappoint, and confound me with what FEELS like their blatant disrespect of not only the incredible phenomenon that is Murdoch Mysteries, but my husband as well. And this isn’t because he didn’t win fan choice, although I find that hard to believe…DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT TAKING ANYTHING AWAY FROM THE TWO OTHER NOMINEES, THEY ARE INCREDIBLY TALENTED, AND DESERVING.

I’m talking about knowing, without a doubt, because numbers/stats do not lie, that Murdoch was definitely winning the most viewed drama or comedy, and yet the Academy making the decision to present the award during the non-telecast portion of the broadcast, while Helene and Yannick, all the heads of CBC were relaxing OUTSIDE OF THE AUDITORIUM. Not even present to go on stage and thank the fans for watching the series they all work so hard to create. WTAF Academy??? Everybody, including the two main leads were under the impression that this was a TELEVISED award, this is why, Yannick, exhausted from two straight years of working on Murdoch, and various other projects flew all the way to Toronto for your broadcast. He would never not let the fans know that he is thankful for their undying support of their show. Feels as if you all played on that loyalty, only to give the award away, almost in secret. What gives??

I won’t even touch on the where you sat him. Not that Adrian isn’t awesome, he totally fucking is, as well as being a brilliant actor, but, right behind the man who was winning Best Actor, knowing you never give Yannick even a nod, never mind a win? I’m calling bullshit. And then sitting him two rows behind the actress who’s series, which is not going on past five seasons, was winning Best Drama.

Honestly Canadian Screen Awards, or Academy or whatever you’re called, if nobody else sees you, I do. And what you need to remember is that I have the wife card…


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