Can love really be found in six weeks, while on a reality show???

I’m an absolute romantic. I am sucker for an amazing love story, whether it be in a book, a film, or in real life. I believe in strong chemical reactions between people that makes you fall hard, and fast. Hell, I was engaged twice before saying yes to my husband, and I was eighteen when he asked me, so it’s fair to say that…

I love, love.

All those sappy movies, sign me up. When Julia Roberts, looks deep into Hugh Grant’s eyes in Notting Hill, with her eyes welling up and utters these most perfect words; “And don’t forget…I’m also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.”


I CAN’T! This scene GETS ME EVERY TIME. Even though I’ve seen it a thousand times, and know the line is coming, I still sob like a baby, and do my happy couch dance. YES. YES. YES.

I am in love, with love.

I love being in love, and I love seeing other people in love. I’ve even been known to cause a fight, or two, with Yannick, just so we could make up, in a big, passionate, romantic way. Because, let’s be honest with one another, once you’ve been in a long term love affair, even though the love is deep, and true, it can sometimes feel a little, stale. So you know, every once in a blue moon, it needs a little shake up. But perhaps that’s just me.

I don’t deny that love can happen incredibly fast. Lust, for certain, can come on like a runaway train. But marriage that lasts a lifetime, sort of love, in six weeks, and in front of millions of people watching.



I don’t know about that. And you’re dealing with a woman, in the event that you didn’t hear me the first time; who loves, love. This girl wants people to find it, relish in it, and keep it! I’m just not so sure that the love they’re trying to sell me on a competition reality show, or the front of tabloid magazines, I’m looking at you Taylor Swift, and Tom Hiddleston, is for real. I don’t buy it. Although I will say this; I was in love with Yannick pretty early on in our dating life, and he, me, so I do believe that sometimes it can come on quick, and stick. This element of the show doesn’t bother me, I’ll give them that. What I don’t get about these shows, and what I know for a fact I would never do, is sit in a house with eighteen, or however many other women there are, throwing themselves at a man, putting their absolute best foot forward to WIN him. I’m not so sure about that…I’ve surveyed most of my friends, and they would never attempt to win over the love of a potential partner in this way either. So the thing that makes me “go hmmm” about all of this is; if SO MANY PEOPLE are like “HELL NO” then why are there so many people watching shows like, The Bachelor, and The Bachelorette, in the first place?? It totally boggles my mind, that so many believe it to be fake, weird, staged, bizarre, you name it, yet they continue to watch, by the MILLIONS.

But not I friends. I’m a hold out, I do not watch, and for that I am proud indeed. Call me crazy, but I prefer my love the old fashioned way, in private between two people, and their own personal chemical reaction to one another, without a television crew recording every moment, while battling a dozen or so other potential fiances/fiancees.

And that is all.
xo Shantelle