I came "this close" to requesting that I be photo-shopped for an article.

I got so much feedback and interaction on my last few posts that I felt I needed to follow them up a little within today’s post.

It seems to me that not only is there a trend of people crowding doors to get in and out of establishments, but there’s a whole other dynamic going on out in the world, that due to my age, and good health, I’m not privy to. This my friends is what I find worse than not holding the door for an “abled” body person. I’ve come to learn that many of you with walkers, canes, and other walking assisted apparatuses find that even you have experienced some people’s unwillingness to be polite enough to hold a door.

To which I say; WTAF?? Is that really a thing? I was pissed off having regular folks do it to me, but holy crap how do you keep your tongue when you are dealing with a walker, cane, or wheelchair and they treat you in the same fashion? You’re better than me, I can say that with complete confidence. And to anybody reading this, if you’ve found yourself guilty of doing such a thing now’s a good time to take stock and stop with that sort of selfish entitled door behaviour. Let’s all strive to be kinder to one another when we’re out in the world living our lives.

As for the reader who asked if YB and I would be willing to move to another State where ocean view properties are not so dear. Sadly there are a few places where his industry has roots: LA, NYC, Toronto, and Vancouver are the only places we’d have success in advancing his career. Florida…not so much. But you’re sweet to take the time and throw out some suggestions.

In response to the other reader who suggested that all sports leagues have their own greed demons that they battle, and have their methods of “handling” shit that their players get up to in order to protect the bottom line, which is financial profit and gain. I will say this; you are not wrong. I happen to know some business about the NHL from a reliable source that isn’t good. I believe anywhere you have billions of dollars at stake you’re going to get questionable morals, and mediocre integrity. I wish it weren’t the case, but hey, if guys like Jared from all those Subway ads, and Mark Salling could continue to be high profile working celebrities all while carrying on disgusting, depraved double lives, how much more effort is being put into ensuring that the lid potentially being blown off of multi-billion dollar industries never happens?

Now for the guts of what today’s post is really about: I’d like to share that I have a cover story coming out in the very near future. A super cool magazine, that used to only be available on-line has now moved into print called Milk N Heels, is doing a feature story on moi. I’m both honoured, and flattered to have been asked to do this article. The magazine is a fresh, hip way to look at how being a bad-ass woman doesn’t end when you push a baby out of your business. Check them out here, they’re really doing amazing things for the working mom. Love them!

Anyway the moral of this blog is that we were supposed to have a photo shoot to get the pictures that would be a part of the article handled right before Christmas, but with my girls schedules, and the photographers schedule, it proved impossible. So I dug through some of my photos from my most recent photo-shoots, along with what we got back from Brianna’s wedding and came up with a whole whack for them to pick through. When they came back with their selections I have to confess that for a moment, a brief moment, I thought to ask them to photo shop some of them.

Why? Well because after gaining forty pounds since entering my forties, and struggling to lose five and keep those off, I finally managed to lose twenty in a year. But, as you can imagine when you’ve gained forty, twenty is only half of what I needed to shave off in order to hit my healthy, feel good body weight. So when looking at some of the photos I saw a shadow of the remainder of my double chin, and I saw the not tight arms…and I panicked. Concerned about being judged by people who might expect Yannick’s wife to be as thin, firm, and camera ready as he is. Plus us women can be so cruel to one another in how we view each other’s bodies. I know this to be true because I’m guilty of seeing Jessica Simpson, for example, with her extra weight on her and wondering; “what happened to her??” To my shame I’ve even questioned why somebody with less than “perfect” arms would wear a sleeveless gown knowing they will be photographed. Sadly I judge myself harshly, and therefore, all too often, do the same with other women.

But, I’m turning over a new leaf. This is my year to strengthen my wellness, and in order for my wellness to be all encompassing I have to stop judging not only myself so harshly, but my fellow human beings as well. So, in the end I left the photos as they were, dimply triceps, a slight double chin and all. Because the truth is I’m a blessed woman, I’m more than how I look on the outside, or what I weigh. I have an incredible life, and every single one of these photos have captured some beautiful moments of said life, and regardless of my imperfections, I’m still a bad ass woman whether I’m at my ideal weight or not, and I will celebrate my life in living colour, imperfections and all.

Happy Monday friends, go kick some “bad” ass today wherever you are and whatever your weight is!

xo SB

PHOTO CREDIT: http://www.elizabethinlove.com/