But aren't Republicans pro life??

Ok, so here’s the thing. The more I ponder the entire shut down, no go zone, on reforming the gun laws in America, the more I find myself scratching my head about it.

I mean, aren’t Republicans PRO-LIFE? Like to the point where they won’t allow women to make their own decisions about continuing with an unwanted pregnancy or not? It’s absolutely totally bizarre. They care enough about human life at the fetus stage, so why do they seemingly not give a damn about life once the human is fully formed, walking the earth, loved, adored and important, to their family members? Why at that stage of life do they no longer care to put laws in place to preserve life? Yet they are hell bent and determined that they should have the right to tell a woman that she MUST continue with a pregnancy? Meanwhile, the rest of the people, primarily Democrats, cannot tell them that everybody in the country shouldn’t have free, easy, dangerous access to guns, automatic weapons to wipe out some of those very lives that the Republicans may have inadvertently had a hand in putting on this earth in the first place.

I am sorry, but that my friends, is completely f*&ked up.

This makes zero sense at all, and is a giant I CAN’T EVEN for me.

In conclusion, what it makes me think, is that this isn’t about being pro-life. Because if they were really, truly all about preserving lives, they would agree with sensible gun laws.


What this is about, is control. And one group of people having such a deep seeded desire to have control over the masses is a very scary thing indeed.

Get it together, please, the rest of us are begging you…