To bunker, or not to bunker, that is the question???

Yannick flew into LA today, we spent a lovely afternoon eating, catching up and dealing with home renovations. Come 5:30pm it was time to hightail to our best friends place for Barbie’s famous tacos.

Yannick and Rick looked at vintage pick ups on the laptop, our daughters checked out shit on their phones, while my bestie and I managed wine, tequila and the tacos. Once everyone was satiated, the conversation turned to politics, Clinton vs Trump, and then, organically…bunkers.

To bunker, or not to bunker, was the question.

Our friends have some positive qualities that make them ideal bunker mates, and we have some unique skills that also make us high quality bunker roommates. We agreed quite quickly that the four of us would DEFINITELY bunker together at the end of the world. But, since it is the end of the world, us four oldies wouldn’t be much use in creating a new world when it was time to rise out of the bunker and begin a new. We would need young people. So, the hubby of our best friend group began quizzing not only our two daughters, but their eldest son, and his friend as to whether or not they would want to join us in the bunker.

This is how the numbers broke down:

two young people: YES
two young people: NO

Know I get both sides of this coin, because if I really think about it logically…who wants to be alive when the rest of the world is GONE. KAPUT. No longer??? Not I. But then again, I’m not ready to not be alive anymore. I still feel like I have so much more I want to do, to experience, to enjoy.

But. If the world really and truly does end. How much of the world as we know it will be left???

And. If the world really does come to end as we know it, why would we want to be the only people left behind???

This really makes me “go hmmm” and although I was very much going into, the 20,000 square foot bunker (the size of the bunker Yannick determined was a good number in order to house 16 people underground, while some pro-create for 5-10 years)I’m now wondering if I too might feel like the two young people who said no…

What side of the coin are you on???

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm…