A bunch of things that make me go "hmmm" to get you thinking too.

Funny how I seem to have less time in a day now that the wedding is behind me compared to the final days leading up to the big day. I thought it would be the exact opposite. Truly bizarre. Anyway here we are, my mind is so busy and preoccupied that I’m going to give you a bunch of things that make me go “hmmm.”

I’ve talked about this one a lot. Cyclists. Within the last week I’ve encountered so many of them on the sidewalk. What gives here? Can you imagine if I were driving my car on the sidewalk because the roads were crowded??? I would lose my license. Oh but wait, cyclists don’t have those so who cares what they do out there on the roads, or in this case sidewalks. The kicker was one of them was ringing her bell to get us, the pedestrians, to move aside so she could continue to ride on the sidewalk. Unbelievable.

People walking their dogs in areas that are not off leash, off their leashes. It’s annoying, and I don’t do it. I don’t do it because I have one that is the Woodland Greeter, who we can never get back because he seems to prefer everybody else he meets out in the world to his family. And then I have Kohl. A male who loves to play with older female dogs, but not males. So we keep them on leash, even before the whole muzzle order came into play with Kohl we would leash them up if we could even see another dog coming our way. But not these folks they just let their dogs come right up on us and our on leash intact males. I often wonder how is Kohl supposed to defend himself with a muzzle on should one of these off leash dogs attack him? It truly makes me go “hmmm” and it upsets me because how awful would it be for Kohl to be attacked and unable to defend himself due to another pet owner not obeying the city by-laws.

Speaking of city by-laws what’s with people using their properties as junk yards? I thought there was a thing about people having excessive trash on their front yards, porches etc? I’ve come across many places that look like they can’t see the floor or day light in their homes due to all the crap in and around their houses; many of these are attached homes which gives me cause for concern for their neighbors. I wonder if it smells, and if they have a rodent and pest issue? Regardless of all that it really looks gross, and the city should be on that, IMO.

My favorite current hot topic to bitch and moan about is the closure of King Street. We saw a cocky, like they think they’re (they being city council) SOOOOOO clever add the other day that reads: THE KING OF CONGESTION NO MORE. And the photo was a shot of a streetcar on an empty King Street going about its business with no car to get in its way. Cool city council, so cool, have you thought about what’s going to happen to the twenty thousand cars that used to drive along there? How they’re now all going to dump onto the other major streets downtown that are already congested, jammed, and not working? Nah, I’m sure you haven’t. I feel for our daughter Dominique who works right in the thick of it all; we have no idea what her route is going to be now, nor do we know how long it will take her to drive back and forth to work anymore. I love that they just assume that everybody is going to hop on that King streetcar now. Except they didn’t do the research on the drivers. For my daughter to get to a place in the city where she could get on one of them it would take her forty minutes. Forty minutes by transit to simply get to a pickup point where she could climb on a King streetcar. Right now it takes her less than forty minutes to drive all the way to work. So you tell me, what person in their right mind is going to double their commute? Not many, since from where I sit time is money, and the more people sitting around on public transit, or in traffic not making any, means less money in the governments coffers via payroll taxes. But what do I know, I’m just a woman with a blog.

I bet they didn’t think of that. I also don’t know if they’ve given any thought to the thousands of independent shop owners who rely on all sorts of traffic in order to stay in business. Nor does it seem like they thought it might be a better idea to take King and Queen make them both one ways, putting double streetcars on each, since there are tracks for east and west bound traffic eliminate parking on one side of the road and trying that system out for a year? Nah, let’s just close it to all traffic except ride-share traffic. Okay cool, we’ll see you in a year and count how many businesses had to close down, or change locations due to this bright idea. Hopefully not too many, not for the sake of the government, but rather for the livelihood of the people who have sunk their hearts and souls into their businesses. Fingers crossed for them.