A bunch of stuff inside my head making me go "hmmm" today; like does Will Smith really fly over my house every day in his chopper???

Today I’ve got a lot of thoughts, and even more feelings about so many things, so you’re getting a whole whack of things that make me go “hmmm…”

Why is it when I’m around day, 24-32 of my cycle all I want to eat is anything that is a conduit to salt? Fries. Salt. Salt on fries. Popcorn. Salt. Popcorn with more butter on it than popcorn, because all that butter holds onto the salt that much better. Potato chips. Salt and Vinegar please, the more salt the better. I could literally eat fries, potatoes, or potato chips with every meal, all day, every day. But any other day of the month, I’m good. Give me kale, give me asparagus, give me fish. But not these days, no siree Bob. The greasier, the saltier, the better. It doesn’t even matter if I even actually GET my cycle or not, my body still behaves the same way. Why? WTAH is going on in there???

Duke. God love Duke. As you know he has a torn ACL, that requires surgery. Unfortunately for him, due to travel commitments because of work for both myself and Yannick, he cannot have his surgery until I can nurse him, by being with him for a good solid two weeks post-surgery. This tiny little detail takes us all the way to February 13th for the date of his surgery. Great. Wow. Fun. Poor guy. Every single time I see him gimping along I feel a pang of guilt course through my selfish veins. But then my the voices of our vets, Dr. Matt and Dr. Lupo, ring through my guilty conscience…”It’s not painful if he uses the leg normally, it will only bother him if he tries to run or wrestle. So keep him calm and relaxed.” I buy this hook, line and sinker, because I want to be absolved of my guilt, but deep down inside, I keep asking myself; “Is this really the case??? Is Duke truly living life pain free???” Hmmm…hmmm…hmmm.

How many times do you think is the right amount of times to give somebody directions on a task before they get it right? I’m asking for a friend…

Like, I mean you tell somebody; “Please mail this cheque to my address in California since I won’t be in Toronto after this date.”

They look you in the eye and say; “Ok, cool. So it goes to this address here, the one in California??”

“Yes. Yes that is correct. You will be mailing it to the house in California. Thank you so much.”

“No problem. It will go to the house in California. Got it.”

Today…ring, ring, ring…”Hello?”

“Hi it is so and so from such and such…where would you like that cheque to be mailed? We have it here waiting to go out, and have had for a week now…”

WTAF?!?! Has this happened to anybody else reading this post? Like were you listening? Are you a part of the West World cast? Was I talking to your other robot personality??? Honestly. Wow. Wow. Wow.

One of my best friends once asked me; “Which one of your houses do you think the boys prefer?” When she first asked me that, Yannick and I had a hooting good laugh about it. Because I mean honestly, I don’t even think their brains work in that way, of drawing comparisons. We’ve been at our Cali house for eight days, and I have made this observation, and have this to report on that question. Kohl is definitely MUCH BUSIER at this house than our Toronto house. For example, when we come home from running errands it is not unusual to be greeted by a panting, tongue hanging out of his mouth down to his chest, Kohl. What I’m not clear on, since I don’t speak dog is; is Kohl happier, being more active here? Or is he stressed out on high alert guard dog Kohl who is so freaked out and needs a Xanax??

And the final thing I’ve been musing about these past few days is this…every weekday at 5pm a black chopper flies over my house, in the flight path that leads directly to Will Smith’s compound. I’ve seen photos of Will climbing into a black chopper, with the report being that it is HIS black chopper. Meaning, not a studio chopper, or not an Uber chopper, but his personal chopper. Now, my question is, does Will Smith use a chopper to get back and forth to wherever his production offices are instead of dealing with LA traffic? And if he does in fact commute via chopper, do we think this is excessive, or bad ass??? Hmmm…hmmm…hmmm???

That’s it, that’s all for today my lovelies, I hope you all had a magical Monday!