I believe hockey is literally the greatest game on earth.

Today was a beautiful sunny, warm winter day here in Cali, which was a nice change from the cold winter days we’ve been having. I also got to witness something on my way into downtown LA that I haven’t seen in many, many, years. Snow capped mountains. Snow. On the mountain tops that are visible behind the skyscrapers of downtown. It was heavenly; and what is even more heavenly, is that the majority of the State of California is no longer in a drought, and with more water on the way, we could pull out of this drought this winter. Whoo hoo. Such great news.

Other great news from today. Sidney Crosby captained the Metropolitan team to win the all star game. Nice. Very nice. I’ve never seen Crosby play. I’ve always wanted to but since I’m not a Penguins fan, or a Leafs fan, there was never any reason to go out of my way to go to a game. Today was the perfect way to see him play. On the ice with all the other “stars” of the NHL. The game was 3 on 3, high speed shinny, intense, competitive, but no contact, so safe. It was pretty incredible to see him play not only in person, but also playing on the same line as Alex Ovechkin, while being coached by The Great One, Wayne Gretzky. Wild! I mean I don’t know if you know hockey, but last I heard, Crosby and Ovechkin were arch-rivals. I mean this is true, no?? I for one have always thought they were. You wouldn’t have known it by watching them today. There they were, skating, passing, patting one another on the back, and laughing, like friends.

Sports are amazing. Wouldn’t it be cool if real life was like this? I mean think about it, athletes get traded every day, they get packed up, and sent to be not only teammates with guys they used to literally pummel into the boards all in the name of winning, but forced as well to become friends to work together for the greater good. What a great world we would live in if regular people could have the same attitude toward their fellow men that they don’t like, or they disagree with. So much better for sure.

I’ve been a hockey fan most of my life, and despite this fact, I’ve not been to a hockey game in a few years. I forgot how much I love the game. Both my brothers played while I was growing up, if I wasn’t in a dance studio I was in a hockey rink. I have many fond memories of the smell of the rink, and the energy of the game. Obviously they’re is a huge difference between amateur kids hockey and pro, but the excitement for me is the same. I love the speed of it. I love the physicality of the game, although I don’t like dirty hits, or fighting, both I can do without; I happen to think that hockey players are literally gladiators, I think they’re the most incredible athletes out there. I might be just a tad biased since I’m Canadian, and like I said, I pretty much grew up in ice rinks, so I don’t base my statement above on facts, more just my feelings. When Yannick’s sister married a hockey player, I thought we had won the family lottery, there’s nothing like being in the wife’s room of an arena, or in the team box. As a proud Canadian hockey fan, trust me when I tell you, it’s honestly pretty cool to be behind the scenes of a pro-rink. Since Mr. B and I had all girls we now wait for any of their two sons, they have three, but the eldest didn’t get the hockey bug like the younger two did, to “make it” so we can all relive the behind the scenes hockey life once again. Until that time I’ll have to make due with attending the rare hockey game that I can fit into my schedule. I say “fit” because sadly, unlike some people I don’t own season tickets. Not in Toronto, or Los Angeles. I wish season’s tickets were available for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Not because I’m a fan, they were never my team, I was a Red Wings girl, I mean who can support a team who’s name is spelled incorrectly? The plural of Leaf is LEAVES, not Leafs, I’m just saying. It just sucks that Toronto, the city is so corporate, if it weren’t, maybe a true hockey fan like me, could obtain season tickets; mostly to go watch all the other teams play. But alas from what I’ve been told the Air Canada Centre, and the Toronto Maple Leafs are not only sold out with some epic wait list, but apparently the season tickets are even willed!! I would need a miracle to end up a season ticket holder! Or maybe I can find a way to buy season’s tickets here in LA???