Because ain't no party like a Toronto Pride party!!

In celebration of Pride weekend in Toronto I’m pulling up one of my Dear Elle columns where one parent asked how she should handle the delicate issue of her kids seeing LGBTQ relationships “everywhere” on what parents should say to their kids who are being “exposed” the LGBTQ community. For me, for Yannick and when our kids were little we didn’t see the problem. I’ve never seen the problem about people being and living their authentic lives, but that’s just me. We didn’t see any issues with our girls seeing two men holding hands when we had them out and about in the world, and because we didn’t see any issue with same sex partnerships our girls never asked us any questions about it. Which makes me wonder, are the kids confused about the same sex relationships or are some parents putting their “issue” with same sex love onto their kids? Our girls didn’t ask any questions because they grew up accepting the fact that love is love, and people are who they are. Period. In our home we viewed people’s sexual preference as being no different than the colour of one’s skin…baby you’re born with it.

So, to those who love people of the same sex I say Happy Pride!!

To those who were born a boy but are truly a girl I say happy freedom and Happy Pride!!

And to those who like a little bit of both and find themselves falling in love with people because of who they are rather than what gender they are, I say I hope you have an amazing, joyful, and loving Pride!

I love my city, but to be honest, whenever it’s Pride Weekend here, my heart overflows with the pride I feel to be able to say that my city gets it, and what the get is the simple fact that; LOVE IS LOVE.

Amen, and Happy Pride

xo SB

Dear Elle

No matter what show me kids watch they are introduced in some way to the LGBT community. Now I have no problem with the LGBT community, but how do I talk to my 8yo daughter and 5 year old son about it?

From, A

Hello A,

I truly feel for parents of this new generation. It seems that a lot of mature subject matter is being thrust upon children from multiple sources, and at all ages. But this isn’t new, every parenting generation has a story of a social issue that was at the forefront during their child-rearing years. Which is a very good thing, because it means, for the most part, we all turned out okay.

I always parented with this golden rule: I taught my girls from the time they were young that love is love. Regardless of gender, age, race or religion finding love with another person is one of the greatest gifts of life. Tell your kids that people love one another in all different shapes, sizes, colours and genders, and then leave it at that. They are after all only eight and five. It’s always super important to share information with our children that is age appropriate, and kids no matter their age have a cellular understanding of love. So, start here and progress as they age and the questions come in again.