What is with the awful lighting in women's change rooms???

Let me begin today’s post by apologizing to all my male readers, I recognize that this month, even though we’re only 14 days in, has been quite female topic heavy. But what can I say? I’m trying to distract myself from writing about Trump, and lambasting the idiots out there threatening the lives of LGBTQ, black and Muslim women. So rather than writing about what is truly weighing heavy on my heart I’m choosing to write the equivalent of “fluff” in regards to the things that make me go “hmmm.”

Yesterday while at my niece’s bridal shower I was chatting with her bridal party, as you can imagine they were all young, between 18-26 years old. As you can also imagine they are thin, they haven’t had babies, their bodies are the bodies that designers design for. So why is it that they also feel the same way that I, a 47 year old woman feels about the lighting in department store change rooms?

For years I’ve been saying; “If fitting rooms would get their shit together and spend some decent money to make the lighting in them so flattering that not a wrinkle, not a stretch mark, nor a dimple was visible to the female consumer I’m telling you they would move way more merchandise.” I mean seriously it is a NO BRAINER to me. How can they not have figured this out by now? If every time I walked into a change room to try on lingerie, swimsuits, shorts, actually ANYTHING, there was a skinny mirror reflecting me back at myself, with the most flattering soft lighting, similar to the way older actresses look in their close up sort of lighting; I can assure you I would clean you OUT of your stock. And judging by the conversation I had with this group of young, thin, no baby yet girls they feel the exact same way.

So what gives? Why haven’t these mulitmillion dollar department stores like Holt’s, Neiman’s, Barney’s etc etc etc figured this out? I mean it seems SOOOOOOO OBVIOUS. So straightforward. So good for their bottom line. But no. Still getting inside a fitting room alone, or with a solid group of honest girlfriends remains something to dread, apparently regardless of one’s age, or size of her thighs.

Anyway do not fear my friends, I have an idea. I have a plan to right this blatant attack on our beauty, because I for one know I’m much cuter than the department store change room reflection would have me, or you believe.

Stay tuned…