Are some men in positions of power really afraid to hire triple threat women?

I’ve never been a fan of Tony Robbins. I just get a creep vibe from him, always have. Not to mention that his “thing” feels insincere, IMO. I appreciate that he’s helped a ton of people, I mean you only need to look at one of his appearance videos to get a sense of his success, and his rabid following. But Tony isn’t for me, I’ve never bought into him. And now I know why. Have you all seen this “performance” of his that is circulating around the internet???

If you haven’t seen it, watch it here.

As you all know, even as a #metoo woman, I have some issues with the #metoo movement. I don’t think it is right for people’s lives to be ruined based on allegations alone. I don’t agree with people being found “guilty” in the court of social media without getting their “day in court” as it were. But, I also happen to think it’s about bloody time that people, mainly men, be held accountable for their predatory ways. I feel strongly about this, and after watching this video of how Tony treats a customer, I say customer because it is one of his seminars which means this woman PAID to be there, which also means that this woman PAID to have Tony Robbins bully her. I mean what is with him walking into her, intimidating her to what? Stop talking? To harass her into changing her mind? To perhaps stop her from challenging him on his #metoo stance.

His entire attitude is tone deaf, although I do agree with him when he says anger isn’t winning, when he says anger isn’t empowerment, I couldn’t agree with him more actually. Anger serves nobody, least of all the victim, but that’s where my agreement with him stops. What he does after that, is so offside, I mean check him out, he’s a giant man, walking against a petite woman, hulking over her. My favorite worst part of this entire exchange is when she tells him: “you’re a leader and an influential man…” to which he simply responds, “YES” while nodding his head the entire time.

Dude. Yuck. I almost turned the video off at that point because I couldn’t stomach his vanity, and arrogance. But I persevered because I needed to see if this woman saw her objection toward his statements through. I couldn’t be more proud to be part of that woman’s female tribe now that I’ve seen how she did not back down, and how she told him exactly what she thought of his disturbing, misogynistic attitude. The kicker for me was his whole; “whoa is me” story that he shared about being with a friend from the other day, “a very famous man, a very powerful man” being all stressed out because he had three candidates applying for a job with him, and he wanted to hire the woman because she was best for the job but, he couldn’t deal with the risk.

Excuse me.

Really? So, a beautiful, talented, qualified woman is now a hiring risk according to some men? Are you kidding me? The first time I saw the video my mouth fell open, the second time I watched it that line actually caused me to laugh out loud, and now when I watch it I just shake my head, stunned that a man, actually two supposedly educated successful men, are afraid of triple threat females.

Is this what the world is coming to? Just because women are coming forward, blowing the whistle on harassment and demanding to be treated as equals instead of objects, now weak men, men who can’t trust themselves, or perhaps the other men they’ve hired to be respectful of a beautiful, intelligent female hire, simply won’t hire those women at all?

Come on. Talk about things that make me go “hmmm.” I pray that this is only one noodle of a man in a powerful position, and that his weakness, and bullshit reasoning is not the new “hiring” norm. Because honestly if this is how men who hold the posts in companies responsible for adding employees behave, then personally I think those men are the ones who need to be removed from their roles, not the qualified females looking for work. Now there’s a thought.