Are bike helmets uncool??

I was going to write about my thoughts on the push for changing the Canadian National Anthem. Then I woke up, read some news, and changed my mind, since honestly there are enough upsetting things to discuss between Trump, and Britain alone these days, that I just decided, I didn’t want to add to the negativity. So I’m choosing instead to address something else, that makes me “go hmmm” all day, every day, that is of lighter fare.

Bike helmets. And why the bulk of people refuse to wear them on their heads to cover their brains.

Let’s talk this over together.

Your skull houses your brain, and you only get ONE of them to last you an entire lifetime, which if you’re a lucky bastard will take you up until eighty-five, ninety, maybe even higher these days. It is the one thing they haven’t found a way to recreate, from pigs, cows, or monkeys. Nor do I think anybody wants to be the first person to actually think like a pig, cow or monkey for the rest of their days. They also don’t have replacement parts for them, like they do for arms, knees, or hips. They also cannot transplant them from one dead person, to you, an almost dead stupid person because you weren’t wearing your helmet, like other organs.

Now, since we all know that medically there is nothing that can be done to fix, replace, or salvage when the brain sustains a major trauma, why the f*#k are so many people bombing around on their bikes in congested cities, surrounded by large amounts of traffic, risking it all day in day out? My personal favourite, are the cyclists I see with their helmets strapped to their bike handles. “Oh that’s good, real good, I’m sure as you’re crashing head first into something you’ll have more than enough time to put that on your head, where it f’n belongs.”

I just don’t get it. Like not at all. Not even one teeny tiny bit of me understands the illogical thinking that goes behind getting on your two wheeled mode of transportation without protecting the most precious thing you will ever own.

Your brain.

And don’t even get me started on the States who allow totally cool, bad-ass, can even survive landing head first on the freeway going 120kms/h motorcycle dudes to go helmet less?? Dicks.

Seriously people, what gives on this one?? Because I’ve never seen, sidewalk, pavement, car doors, or telephone poles in the trauma unit.