Anybody else out there ready to blow a gasket because you're sick and tired of all the lies???

All right. I’ve been trying to bite my tongue, be patient, look inward, take deep breaths, and meditate my mounting frustration and fury away. But alas, I fear that I’m failing miserably to hold it in any longer.

Peeps, I am beyond pissed off at all the lies I feel I’m/we’re all dealing with on a daily basis that I just need to blog about it. Maybe this rant will release all my rage, that all the meditating I’ve been doing has not been able to. Some times the best way to really release something is to share it with a few thousand people.

So here comes my thing that makes me go “hmmm” for today. Honestly, what the f*#k is going on out there in the world??? Why, oh why do people find it so easy to flat out lie to another person. I’m not talking about; “Hey do you like my new jacket?”

And because it’s no skin off your teeth, and even though you think said jacket is hideous, you still know your opinion doesn’t really matter because you can see that the person asking you the question is madly, deeply in love with new questionable jacket, so you reply with a; “It looks great on you!” They’re happy, you’re happy, nobody gets hurt sorta lie. Nah. I’m not talking about those sort of fibs. I’m talking about shit like the marble dude who was supposed to be at my house today at 8:30am to install a vanity top, who didn’t show up. He told our contractor that he arrived at 8:30am and rang the bell at 8:45am (impossible since I didn’t leave until 8:55am). He then told the contractor that he rang the bell again at 9, 9:15, 9:30 and 9:45 before leaving at 10am…all very convincing if my daughter hadn’t been home until 10:00am, so she for sure would have heard you ringing the snot out of our doorbell. And if she hadn’t then she for sure would have seen your car in our driveway. Also the wall tile guys arrived at 9:30am, so they too would have seen your car and let you in the house. So why lie? There are too many people to prove that you’re lying. I just don’t get it. I don’t get lying at all, but BAD LIARS??? Seriously? Seriously? If you’re going to lie, at least make it something nobody can fact check, like; “I got a flat tire on my way over” or “I got an emergency call on another job that I was in the middle of…” You know something, anything at all other than telling people you were somewhere you were not.

I’ll never understand the liars, who lie to you to make a buck. Are they dumb? Do they think you will never find out the truth? Like the sales manager at the Tumi store, who told us how well Tumi stands behind their product. Ahhhh, well now we can all see that that’s a GIANT LIE. The minute the bag began to look like it had been to war rather than on three flights, and we turned it over to the head office, where we quickly learned that Tumi doesn’t stand behind their product at ALL. Or A&B Malibu Plumbing who turned up on our property last April to answer a simple septic tank empty/drain call Yannick made. They then turned it into; “your one tank is collapsed and your driveway is going to swallow your cars, for the low, low price of an extra $10,000 we can fix EVERYTHING for you!” Obviously we’re not new here, so we got a second opinion, found out they were, big surprise LYING, and fired their asses. You know how they’re responding?? They are suing US for firing THEM! For protecting ourselves against their make shit up work project. Now isn’t that rich!? Imagine the nerve of a company lying to you, trying to scam you out of ten thousand dollars then turning around and SUING YOU. F*#k my life. I am right pissed you all.

Don’t even get me started about our governments, our leaders, our banks. I mean, they are so I CAN’T EVEN I could explode. UGH. I want a vodka martini!! I just don’t get the pathological lying that is so prevalent in our society. Like what is in it for these people? What is there to gain by being dishonest? By taking advantage of people???

I really cannot stand it any longer. The worst part of all of it is there’s not a damn thing any of us can do about it, and that my friends is what really makes my blood boil. This feeling of helplessness, of feeling like a sitting duck. I mean all the praying, meditating, letting go of other people’s lying doesn’t really change the fact that they’re still out there lying their dishonest little asses off. Does it? In the meanwhile what are the rest of us honest, non lie telling folks supposed to do to protect ourselves from it?? Shut ourselves off from the world? Get everybody to take a lie detector test before entering into any sort of “relationship” with them? I mean you’re probably laughing, but I am dead serious over here. I am sick to f’n death of being taken for a fool, for being lied to about things that don’t need to be turned into a lie. Like if we all just treat others the way we want to be treated I do believe the world would turn on a dime, and become a better place for all of us to live in. It really is not that complicated my friends, seriously, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


End of story.

And then life becomes a beautiful, wonderful thing all day, everyday.