Anybody else chronically sick these days???

With travel, catching up on bills, paperwork, and other life responsibilities, along with battling yet another virus, I’ve been neglecting my blog. Which really bugs me because I’ve had so many awesome moments that have crossed my path that I would have loved to blog about. Sadly once the time became available to write about it, the mood about the topic had passed me by. It doesn’t help that once I manage to get through the “must dos” each and every day I have no brain power to “hmmm” about anything, except why the hell am I sick yet again? HMMM??? HMMM??? HMMM???

Also, why is Dominique sick, for more than a month now?? Poor Mikaela has been sick since the day we left for Thailand…so closing in on a month in a few days. I’ve tried all our regular high potency holistic potions that usually kick this shit to the curb, to no avail. I’ve even given in and gone to pharmaceutical over the counter medications that I normally NEVER take. But what choice do I have??? The three of us have been soooooo sick, for soooooo long. Yet nothing helps. Like not even a teeny tiny bit. I haven’t mentioned it because I didn’t want to blog to you guys, ONCE AGAIN about being sick, and come across like a broken, sick record. But seriously, I’m sick of being sick, and nothing is working. We finally caved and paid to go into a walk in clinic the other night because we were thinking maybe the three of us have something that requires antibiotics. But nope. Nothing that a round of antibiotics can fix. We also don’t have the flu, as we keep testing negative for that. There is literally nothing that can be done, just tough it out and wait for it to pass.

So, here we sit, well them in LA, and me on a long planned ski holiday with Yanny Bissony; dying to be able to eat without feeling like we’re swallowing razor blades. Desperate to sleep without waking with dry coughing fits. Hopeful that one day the drowsy fog will clear out of our heads so that we can write, talk, and conduct our days effectively. Until that day returns, I will blog when my load is light enough to manage it. I’m thinking it might come after a straight week of sleeping…which I think might be in my future post ski trip. Fingers crossed my friends, fingers crossed.