And now she rests...

What an incredible day Saturday October 14th was.

Ten months of prep. Ten months of planning. Ten months of deliberating all came together beautifully. Like Christmas, or your birthday, you think about it all the time, you wish for what you’d love to receive as a gift…in a perfect world…and within 16 hours it’s done. With weddings, as witnessed in Yannick’s Instagram story, your incredibly important day is really just like any other to the staff that has to “strike the room” at the end of all the festivities.

Just another day.

For Saturday we all made the choice to put our phones on the back burner once we entered the limo to go to McMichael Gallery. I made that decision because I wanted to keep the day as private as I could. I definitely didn’t want any of the special moments showing up on social media before we had the opportunity to live them “thoroughly.” We gave little glimpses into the prep leading up to the big moment, but after that it was phones down, us just being a family, together, celebrating.

We all did such a thorough job of this that I’m sad to report, because our photographer wasn’t very organized, we missed a ton of photos. But, it’s alright, life goes as it should. We can’t change what is in the past, so now we go forward with what we have got and don’t focus on what we don’t have. What we did have was a fantastic day, engrossed in the moment, surrounded by love: the love of her bridesmaids, the love of my dear and sweet friend Machael who did my makeup along with the makeup of my two best friends for free. Then there was the family, some who flew in just to be there to witness Brianna and Craig exchange their vows; which for the record were some of the deepest, most poignant vows I’ve ever heard in my entire life. I knew they loved each other, I mean you have to love somebody if you’re going to go to the trouble of marrying them; but damn. These two people really, truly, and madly love one another.

I never knew.

I don’t know what I thought about their relationship, because we all know that it’s impossible to know what other people’s relationships are like, we only see the part of them that they show us. Which in most cases isn’t the deepest layer of themselves. We all reserve that part of our souls for our closest relationships, and even though we’re Brianna’s parents, and she has her two sisters, and we spend a great deal of time together; I still had no idea how deeply in love she and Craig are. But now I know. And now that I know this, I feel even more confident in their decision to take this step, this leap into: “till death we do part.” Obviously there are no guarantees in life, nobody has a crystal ball and can foresee what the universe will throw at them, but after hearing them exchange vows, I for one have all the faith in the world that these two people will fight to make it across the finish line of life together. And that brings such joy to my soul, I couldn’t ask for anything more than that.

And now, I will put my feet up; catch my breath, relax, nourish my soul and do whatever I fancy for the next week while YB is off filming in Vancouver, while Brianna is away on her honeymoon, Dominique begins her new job Tuesday and Mikaela is back in the BU at school.

The sweet moments of life, made all the sweeter by the quiet moments that follow them…