How is it already the 21st birthday of my youngest daughter???

Today is the 21st birthday of my youngest daughter.

I simply cannot believe it.

It seems like every single year of my life is overflowing with “holy shit” after “holy shit” moments when it comes to my three daughters. There is always something happening in one of their lives these days that has me not only stopping to catch my breath, but also has me begging for more time.

I want more time with them.

I want the passing of time to slow down.

I don’t want her to be finished university in eight months. I’m not ready. I’m simply not ready. It is all moving too quickly.

I urge you parents who are in the middle of losing your mind with little kids, feeling like you can’t wait for the day when they are raised and moved out; to stop and enjoy every single minute you have with them. I wish somebody had “slowed” me down when I was exhausted, or discouraged with the poor state of my career, and I was wishing it all away so that I could have my “me time.” Now that I’m so close to that coveted “me time”, I wish I could go back ten years and move through everything much more present, slowly and in the moment, knowing now how precious all those moments really were.

Watching Mikaela grow into the powerful, dynamic, bold young woman she is becoming is a sweet reward for all that is now behind me with her. It just went by too fast for my liking. But it is what it is, and here I am, getting ready to take our baby out to a flashy downtown LA restaurant of her choosing, to drink champagne, and officially welcome her into the fold of adulthood. I will do my best not to cry over the years that are now in the rear-view mirror, but rejoice in all the new adventures we will make together as we head into this next phase of our mother daughter relationship. I know whatever it will be, it will be wonderful, fun, challenging, exciting and glorious; as has almost every single moment of life been since you entered it twenty one years ago Mikaela Bisson.

Thank you for choosing us. We hope we’ve made you as proud of us as you have made us of you.

I love you my bold, fearless, adventurous, strong, thoughtful, beautiful, brilliant youngest daughter.

Happy Birthday xoxo love Mommy