I almost quit, and today I'm glad that I didn't, so in the infamous words of Justin Bieber...Never say Never!

For years I’ve been pitching a daytime talk show around the city of Toronto. FOR YEARS. I’m not kidding and I’m not exaggerating. I have been trying to get a production company to walk into broadcasters with me since 2008 and help me get a daytime talk show up off the ground. The show I wanted to get on the air was a parenting centric daytime show, which they still have yet to do. So even though years have passed, and Canada has truly stepped up it’s daytime talk show game, adding a whole slate of them to their line ups, without me, I remain optimistic that one day my time will come.

Today, CBC The Goods gave me a GIANT step forward in that direction. The direction of my ultimate goal, my passion, and my desire to host a no-nonsense, practical, hands on parenting daytime show for the millions of parents out there in the world.

Parenthood is the single most important job you will ever have, should you choose to enlist for it. It is also the loneliest, toughest job you will have. You see, in my experience women move in large groups during their child’s newborn-elementary school years. Then we, as the going gets tough in the land of child-rearing, turn inward, become more private. Where we used to freely discuss nursing and sleeping schedules, or hockey and dance class commitments, and grade, we stop talking when the shit hits the fan. And that my friends is precisely when we need to KEEP talking. We need to seek advice, support and guidance when our kids develop eating disorders, or self harming behavior, or begin abusing drugs. These are the years we really need to lean on one another, yet for some reason the complete opposite happens, everybody clams up. The end result is that the entire job becomes about 1000% more challenging.

My dream is to remove the shame, the stigma of it all. To make discussing the tough, delicate, scary issues surrounding raising well adjusted, strong and healthy adults as common place as all the cute fluffy stuff. We need the support, and our kids need us to be supported.

So until that day when a network comes calling to give me that daytime talk show to talk about the most important thing we should be discussing…the future of our countries, which is our children, then I’m going to be just as happy as can be with every single opportunity CBC will give me to appear on The Goods!

And remember my friends…as Justin Bieber tells us in all his wisdom:


Don’t ever quit, your victory just might be right around the corner.