What Would You Do if you had an ongoing conflict with a co-worker??

Here we are again friends, another hump day and another What Would You Do Wednesday?

First, I have to point out to all the readers who like to leave shitty comments on this blog, you know what’s the most fun about you guys? The fact that your comments leave this little number under your email address, and when you plug that number into a tracker, it, in the case of the one who lives in Ottawa, points pretty much directly at your house. I guess your cell tower where your router hits off of is super close to where you live. So that’s the most enjoyment I glean out of your shitty comments. It’s a game I actually enjoy playing, so keep up with the hateful comments, and just know two things: 1) I couldn’t care less about what you think about me, because that’s more a reflection of you than me and 2) I do enjoy finding out where you’re from, it removes a little bit of the mystery for me. So have at it!

Now on to the point of this blog; if in you are in a work environment where you have a co-worker who dislikes you, deeply, one who even drags you on social media. What Would You Do? Would you;

a) go to them directly and try to get to the bottom of it, since it is obvious that this co-worker has an issue with you?

b) return the hateful, childish behaviour and take to your own social media outlets to bad mouth them in retaliation?

c) take the matter to a superior? Getting a mediator involved puts the behaviour on record, as it were, and keeps you in the clear should the other employee ever try to build a case against you?

d) say nothing at all, because not everybody likes everybody anyway, and as long as you’re both doing your jobs, what’s the big deal?

As always, I look forward to hearing your responses, and hearing if any of you have also encountered this in your work environment.