Even though outwardly it seems like it's a man's world, I would still rather be a woman all day, every day.

Friends, why is that men get all the breaks when it comes to setting up a house???

We arrived at our Toronto house late Thursday night, with 6 suitcases, three carry-ons and two dogs in tow. Needless to say we didn’t attempt to unpack anything that night. We opted instead to order pizza, and cheers with a cocktail for making it home in one piece. Well, cheers to Kohl making it home in one piece. God love him, but let’s just say, Yannick’s favourite dog that we’ve ever owned, is no Mack. Hell, he isn’t even as good at traveling as Duke is, and Yannick thinks Duke is the absolute worst dog EVER.

But I digress, this isn’t about which of our dogs is YB’s faves, this rant today is about how is that men do a fraction of the heavy lifting when it comes to the home-front?? It really makes me go “hmmm…”

Listen, I know, I know, technically this is MY JOB, since I don’t go out of the house to work for 12-14 hours the way he does. So I understand why on Friday he didn’t unpack a single bag. He was up at 7am, after going to bed at 1am, to do a top secret photo shoot for the cover of a magazine, that shall not be named. From there he went to a suit fitting at Garrison Bespoke for something he needed THAT NIGHT for a charity we were attending. After that he rushed to Service Ontario, to renew all the stickers for our cars, the RV, renew his license AND Health Card, only to have to go from there to a wardrobe fitting for MM. So, in fairness to him, it’s not like he sat around picking his butt, while I unpacked our four suitcases, reorganized our closets and went through all the mail. Although on top of all the extra things I had to do from arriving home, I do have quite a bit of other day to day stuff on my plate. As you know, I write a daily blog, am working incredibly hard at building a brand, while editing TWO books simultaneously, I also handle all our finances, our legal shit, errands, and everything else that is outside of running the house.

But that was Friday folks. Saturday was an entirely different story. So why was it, while I continued sorting through mail, bills, paperwork, and the like, he jumped in his car and went West of our home, by 1.5 hours, to meet up with buds to ride his bike??? Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm… I sometimes joke that in my next life I will come back as a man. But then I snap out of my delusion of how much better a man’s life is, and remember that the best thing about being alive, is being a woman. So from now until the end of all the lives I will ever have, I will hope that I always am born a woman.

In closing, if I’m going to bitch and moan about how I literally got us completely settled back in Toronto, and will still have much to do when our two cars arrive, tomorrow or Wednesday, as I unpack four bins on my own. I do have to say this, in order to present to you a unbiased opinion of the chain of events that occurred over this first weekend home, and in preparation for the Gala on Friday night. I enjoyed a mini-facial Friday, and then a full facial, combined with a mani-pedi Saturday. So it hasn’t been all slaving away for me since my return dear friends…just mostly.