Am I the only person who feels like the Oscars are simply becoming the "last" award show...and other things that make me go "hmmm"

For me the Oscars have lost their luster. They way I look at them now, is that they are the LAST in a long drawn out, we already know who wins, because ah duh, they won the twenty five other best of their categories, awards season. So by now, there are no more surprises, and they’re dull, nobody rushes the stage, and nobody falls down drunk. The only good thing about them now, in my opinion, is the fashion. So, in order to distract myself from the fact that I missed the red carpet for the Oscars this year due to traveling, I’m just going to vent about a few of the things that crossed my mind today, and made me go “hmmm…”

Maybe it was the 3.5 extra hours spent on the plane that got all those wheels in my head turning at the same time, but seriously, can somebody please explain to me why some people who fly think they can bring a “carry on” bag onto a plane that you could smuggle a small adult in? I mean these people have probably flown a time or two in their life, and even if they haven’t I’m pretty sure they’ve seen an airplane on TV. So they have some idea that the over head compartments are not meant to fit the bag that they have their tiny adult friend in, for a free flight. It’s so wild to me to watch this happen, and why does nobody stop them anywhere along the way? I know for a fact that they do this, it happened to Mikaela one day when she was traveling alone. I love how people treat young girls a certain way when they assume they’re “alone.” I share with you at the end of this post about an incident like this that Mikaela just had. Anyway I digress, Mikaela was forced, by a woman, to check her carry on that had already cleared check in, that she had brought with her from LA, on the same carrier. The woman also made the young girl two people back from her check hers as well. But not the business man with the suit bag, the laptop bag and a carry on. Just two young university girls, traveling alone. Shameful. Not nice. So why some people who have their entire house with them as carry on get by these people is beyond me.

Continuing with the air travel theme; you know that I love how people behave in the airport, breathing down your neck in the immigration or security line, as if by grafting themselves to you somehow expedites the entire process. Newsflash, you standing on top of me makes absolutely nothing go faster. Not even one little bit, so please, please, leave some space.

And what is with people who are at the airport who can not read, nor can they hear any announcements. My personal favorite is when somebody is standing in one of the boarding lines for a loading zone they’re not actually a part of. You know what I’m talking, people standing in Zone 2, when they’re supposed to be in Zone 5. You can always tell when they’re not supposed to be there too because they’re in the line very half-assed. They’re not really standing behind the other person, they’re sort of hover line standing, non committal. So you tuck in behind them, but you immediately get the guilty vibe feeling, and your zone is starting to load, but they don’t make a move forward, they just sort of stand there not moving, but not leaving, forcing you to ask them; “Hi, are you in Zone 2?”

They awkwardly look at their boarding pass, feign surprise, and then tell you; “oh” nervous laugh; “no, I’m in 5, excuse me.” And they let you pass, but still don’t leave the line? What the hell is with that? What sort of nonsense I ask you?

The other day, Friday, we were flying to Toronto from LA. Mikaela and Dominique were seated together, and I was a row behind them, and across the aisle. I didn’t notice it happen, but I did hear a women “correcting” my girls. I leaned forward to ask Dominique what was happening. She proceeded to tell me that the woman in front of them had hit Mikaela’s foot, telling her that to uncross them because Mikaela’s foot was bothering her, she could see it out of her peripheral vision.

Excuse me, what did she do? While I sat there stunned, trying to decide how I would handle this, I witnessed the woman make contact with Mikaela’s foot again, and heard her, with a raised voice, tell Mikaela that she needs to listen to her and uncross her legs, so she doesn’t have to see her shoe.

Well. You. Did. Not. I stood up, went to the woman’s seat, knelt down to be eye level with her, taped her on the shoulder and introduced myself to her. Then proceeded to tell her that I did not appreciate her putting her hands on my daughter, nor does she have the right to tell my daughter that she cannot be comfortable in the seat she paid for, if what she is doing isn’t encroaching on your space. She told me that it was also on her seat. I pointed out to her that it was on the back of the armrest because that is where her foot lands, not on your seat, and that she better refrain from touching or telling my daughter what to do, that she has a mother for that. Her response.

Oh it’s rich.

“Well it is mother’s like you who are raising an entire generation of disrespectful people. You’re the problem.”

Just as I was about to give her a piece of my mind, the flight attendant came out of the galley and told me that I needed to be seated for take off. Lady, you are LUCKY, I was about to let her know that hitting my daughter is actually assault. But never got the chance. I will happily say that she didn’t so much as glance my girls way for the rest of the flight. And her seatmate, who had been chatting happily with her before she lost her mind, didn’t speak another word to her for the entire flight. See people, nobody has time for crabby, bossy, disrespectful, abusive people.

Ahhhhh air travel, it sure ain’t what it used to be, and that is a damn shame.