Let's show 2016 some respect, here are a few of my personal highlights!

I told you with yesterday’s post that I would continue on with the positive love train toward 2016 by sharing some of my own personal victories from the year. I also told you that if I show you mine you have to show me yours…so I’ll be looking out for them so I can post them on my site! Know that if you send me some good news, you are giving me permission to print your good news along with your name.

Okay? Deal?


Here are my top victories:

  1. I have dreamed of having a daytime talk show, or appearing regularly on a talk show since I was nineteen years old. This year saw me land a deal with CBC’s new daytime show, The Goods. I was asked for three episodes in 2016, and hope for many more in 2017.
  2. I signed up with my dream PR firm here in Toronto and together we’re working on building my brand, as much as I love my husband and being his wife, this will all be exposure for me alone. To showcase my blog, my appearances and hopefully get me on some other Canadian daytime shows.
  3. I started, and came damn close to finishing my first non-fiction book.
  4. I have some pretty kick ass notes/changes to make to my fiction novel Black Picket Fence, that I’m excited and confident about. I believe these changes will help it become a book that will sell. LOTS.
  5. I began writing on my blog daily June 13th 2016, since then you people have come to visit, hang out and hear my thoughts to the tune of 135,000 visits. So THANK YOU!
  6. My eldest daughter is engaged! Wow. Where does time go.
  7. With all the ups, downs, disagreements and busy lives I’m still married to my dream man. YAY ME.
  8. I’m still only needing to have mammograms yearly, this two years running where I’m no longer “high risk/watch” kind of patient.
  9. I eliminated some fake “friends” which made room for some incredibly wonderful, brilliant, kind, like minded, soulful girlfriends to enter the picture. For this I’m thankful, and feeling so blessed.
  10. I let my friends and family know that I’m sorry for being a bit wild and crazy during the “change” and they seem to have more kindness, patience and love for me, thanks to my humility. They also let me stay in beds on the days when I simply cannot.
  11. I had gained 30lbs thanks to the change…I’m down 14…still much to go, but I now know that I can, and that I will.
  12. I said YES, A LOT, especially to things that scared the shit out of me. And it was wonderful!
  13. I’m still six feet above ground and that my friends is the best part of 2016!!

I look forward to hearing your good news!

Lots of love,