Alright friends…it has been a little while since we’ve had a What Would You Do Wednesday post!  Have you missed it?  Do you even care about these, should I change it to Wellness Wednesday posts??

Give me your thoughts, I’d love to hear what you’d love to see on my blog.

This one is celebrity centric, because as a mom, I just need to know what you are thinking about the Ariana Grande whirlwind, super duper public match up with SNL comedian, Pete Davidson.

I mean, I’m not here to judge, Yanny Bissony and I got down to business RIGHT QUICK, engaged in three months and pregnant in four.  So I get the hot and heavy whirlwind THIS IS MY PERSON moves they’re making, but that was also thirty years ago, and haven’t things changed, a lot?  I mean do people still do those sort of WHAM BAM LOCK IT DOWN hookups?

If I were to judge Ariana and Pete’s adventures, the answer is; yes, some people still do behave like YB and me.

So, I have to ask you this, if you had a good friend, or a child, who was moving this fast would you;

a)  recommend that they slow down, catch their breath and take some more time to really get to know each other?

b)  support it 1000% because you love love and you love to see your friend/child happy?

c)  be completely against it and give them an ultimatum that it’s either the new guy or you?  Or in the case of it being your kid do as some parents still do and tell them that you don’t support it and will not speak to them until they come to their senses?

d) mind your business, because after all it is only an engagement, and those can, and do get broken off every damn day.  Just look at all the Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise contestants.  They get engaged, then break up and get married to somebody else and pop out babies before you can say; “well that was fast!”

Some of you reading this probably have no idea who these two people are, and I have to be honest, I’m not a fan of either.  I stopped watching SNL a very long time ago, and Ariana isn’t my speed musically, although I will say this, the way that girl handled the entire Manchester bombing was all class.  And my heart goes out to her, because I cannot even imagine the pain, the guilt and the trauma that put her through.  Like cannot imagine what she’s been through.  All this in mind, I hope to get some good responses to this WWYD and  how you would handle it if you found yourself in the middle of a friend or child making this sort of life decision in such a short period of time.