In keeping with the discussion of mental health, and what our governments could do to really begin making a change in the lives of people who need it most.  Today’s What Would You Do Wednesday will focus on how would you handle it if in your life somebody close to you was struggling with severe mental health issues, and needed help?

We’ve been fortunate as a family to always have coverage so that when, any one of us felt like the load of life was getting to be too much, and we didn’t have tools to cope with it we had coverage to ensure that we could utilize private care.  The importance of this incredible gift, and privilege is not lost on me.  I’m deeply aware of how fortunate I, my girls, my husband, and my marriage are to have had access to getting help when we needed it.  But this is not the case for too many people who desperately need it.  Which brings me to today’s WWYDW.

If you were close to somebody who displayed signs of mental health issues that looked like were out of their coping abilities, but they didn’t have the means to get help would you;

a)  try to be a support to them personally??

b)  dip into your own pockets and pay for the help they need, since you’re not a licensed or educated therapist?

c)  start a go fund me page to collect money from friends and family of the person in need, so they have a shot at healing, and living a healthy life?

d)  nothing, because at the end of the day therapy is expensive, and people with severe mental health issues can’t be helped.

I’ve encountered people over the years who had a need for support with their mental health wellness, and have always done everything I could.  So I’m curious to hear if you too have been in this place before, and if yes how did you help?