Something I’ve learned from being a mom is that if you have to wait in order to be proven right, it is always worth it.  No need to pressure anybody to come clean with a truth, no stress at finding out who did what to whom, and who started it.  Eventually, if you wait it out long enough the truth is revealed.

I feel the exact same way about our troll.  There is definitely a whole lot of activity going on, but the one thing that is going on for sure, is that this person that we’re dealing with is seriously mentally unwell.  And if I’m being honest, and if I put all the horrible, terrible, crazy offside things they’ve said; it breaks my heart.  In the past I’ve shared about my own struggles with depression, and bulimia; I have an idea of the impact of being and feeling mentally vulnerable and what it can do to one’s life.  But this person that we’re dealing with, doesn’t have mild depression, in my humble, non-medically trained opinion, it feels likes this is somebody with multiple personality disorder.  Which I cannot even imagine living with, or trying to cope with.  Especially in a world where the governments could give less than zero fucks about mental health and supporting people who are living with it.

But even though I have all the empathy in the world for people battling mental illnesses I do have this to say; where are their loved ones?  Like if you know somebody is as unwell as our troll is, who I must say is completely and utterly unhinged, where is the family?  Doesn’t anybody know that she seems so unsound that I’m not even sure that she should be living on her own, never mind be allowed a cellphone or a computer.  It is just so utterly shocking to me that I find myself feeling like I CAN’T EVEN about her and the entire situation.  The worst part about it all is all of you who keep messaging us saying; “when they go low, go high!”  And all the other genuinely kind, thoughtful helpful things you’ve recommended.  But trust me when I tell you this:  engaging her is all a part of the plan.  The detective working on this told us that we need to get as much crazy content from her as is humanly possible.  This is how they track them down.  So, I know you’re worried, I know it’s ugly and not fun for all of you, but sadly it tis the only way to catch a troll, is by giving them enough rope so that they eventually hang themselves.  Let’s just hope it doesn’t take all that much longer, since I do have a book to write, and she is taking up a considerable amount of time!!

But for now, I’m going to turn this bad boy off, grab a glass of water and head off to dream land.  Three nights in a row of party, party, party, with too much tequila and not nearly enough sleep has got this almost fifty year old babe WORN RIGHT OUT.

I hope you all had an awesome Sunday, and remember, if you read an off-side comment on mine, Yannick or any of the girls accounts, screen shot, report and block.  Because contrary to what we’ve all thought, apparently the best way to actually catch a troll, is to feed it.  Who knew???

We love you, thanks for you help and hopefully our troll will be moved to another bridge in the very near furture.