The responses to yesterday’s What Would You Do Wednesday were all mostly E, go to Yelp and write a review on the company and hope to turn like minded people such as yourself off of doing business with them.  E, also was the option of simply not supporting him and his hardware store.  We all know that people tend to mind their opinions and hold them a little closer to their vest when they get hit in their wallets.  I have to say that I totally agree with this!  Let’s hope now that this sign, that has in fact been up since 2015 will be more wildly circulated and the damage to his bottom line will begin to take its toll.

We can only hope.  I mean it seems to already be happening, one of my Twitter followers, Dawn, sent a tweet saying that Interstate Batteries had already pulled their products from this guy’s shelves.  Which is a very good start.  Brands and consumers pulling their support does ultimately show up on the bottom line.

Another reader brought up a great point by saying she actually appreciates the Denver baker who refused to make the wedding cake for a gay couple, saying isn’t it better to know when people oppose you and would be making something with hatred in their hearts instead of love?

To which I have to say, what a cool and interesting perspective, and I totally see that point of view.  I mean marriage and weddings are a day of joy, love and unity.  I for sure wouldn’t want to find out after the fact that my wedding cake had been made by a person who didn’t feel any of those things toward us while making it.

At the end of the day how I feel about these sort of people is they believe what they believe, the feel how they feel, and they’re not likely to have their minds changed by anyone for anyone.  The only saving grace about knowing people like this will never change is also knowing that nothing lasts forever, especially us humans.  So, eventually, all these hateful, bigoted, small minded folks will all be gone.  Or, maybe I should say in my perfect world, where people give life to kids and teach them about humanity, and how we all bleed red, and we all live and die, with only how we live our lives being the one thing that makes us different, all these people will eventually be gone.  But if they were to all be gone, there would be no more need for signs like this because people wouldn’t be fearful of anybody who is different than they are.  The parents of the victims of the Pulse Nightclub shooting, a horrible attack that happened two years ago, can only hope that other parents of LGBQT children will see a lifetime where their kids are not victimized for being who they are, and loving who they love.

For me, and my household I’ll never understand hatred toward another human being, I can barely muster enough energy to feel hatred toward people who do me wrong, never mind people I don’t even know.  Besides, anybody with half a brain in their head knows that when we live with hatred toward others the only person the hatred destroys is the one doing the hating.  Imagine it, I mean let’s think about it in regards to this guy hating gay people, he doesn’t hang out with any gay people, clearly they don’t shop at his store, so where is all this anger and hatred going?  It’s going nowhere, it is in fact staying right where it started inside him.  In his heart.  In his spirit and in his cells.  Making himself sick.  So the good news with a guy like that, is he’ll probably have an even shorter life expectancy than others, because his ugliness will literally kill him.

Oh the irony, almost makes me feel bad for the asshole.  Almost.