Lately it’s getting harder and harder to come here and blog about the things that make me go “hmmm…”

With the seventh month of 2018 winding down, and my year of wellness going, well, “well.”  I find that spending any time holding on to, or reflecting on the things happening all around me that don’t make sense, or that upset me, seem to carry less weight in how they affect my daily life.  You see, the largest part of being well, is “eliminating all that does not serve you”.  Which, in case you didn’t know being riled up about matters that one cannot change, is definitely the number one way to be UNwell.  So, in my quest of letting go, it seems that I’m doing exactly that.  Letting go of things before they even get the opportunity to take hold inside my heart.  I no longer ruminate on any one topic, or any head scratching incidents.  I observe them, and then they’re gone.

Part of what makes this possible to be frank is that I just don’t watch, read, or listen to any news.  I honestly cannot bear to, so I’ve stopped.  Because truthfully I can’t read one more article on a corrupt boy-man who is called the President of America.

I can’t witness one more innocent African American being beaten, or killed by a psycho racist cop, or just any ole regular Joe.  What can I do to help my fellow humans who don’t have white skin receive the equality they deserve, because they’re living breathing human beings?  My heart is so broken for Nia Wilson and her family.  What will even happen there?  Will our cries, our tweets, our marches bring about the change we/THEY so desperately need?  What about the families who lost their two beautiful girls in Toronto, what happens to them?

It’s all just too much, and I appreciate that none of this is actually happening TO me.  I’m only reading about it, and watching it on social media, and I’m overwhelmed.  It seems, when reading my Twitter mentions that a great number of you are losing yourselves in GIF tweet chains.  I suppose everybody is doing their best to cope in a world that seems like it has recently taken one thousand giant leaps backward in time.  And while we seem to be going backward at warp speed, other parts of life seem to be propelling forward, such is the case with 3D guns.


I can’t even.

I don’t want to know about this.

This cannot be a thing that happens.

It just can’t.  But how do we stop it?  Who stops any of this now?

So many questions.  So many concerns…

In short, I guess what I’m trying to say to you all today is that I’m not feeling my daily blog anymore.  The whole reason I began it, and the tone of it, everything has changed for me.  So, until I find what it is I want to write about each and every day, I think for now, I’ll bid you all adieu, while I take a blog hiatus and see if something new, fresh and fitting comes forward for me.  When I return, prayerfully it will be with as much passion, interest, and excitement as the first time I sat down and blogged two years ago.  Thanks to every single one of you for coming on here everyday and hanging out with me, it was a good time indeed!!!

Happy Summer.

Until next time friends…