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You’re not lost, you’re simply disconnected.

You’re not failing, you’re just exhausted.

You’re not weak, you’re healing.

We all do too much, and we know we do too much yet we heap more on our plates. We do it because other parents are doing it. We do it because we don’t want our kids to feel left out, or to fall behind. We do it because we don’t want our partners to lose interest in us. To leave us. We don’t want to end up alone. Our fear to not be alone often drives us to settle in every area of our lives. Denying our true desires, our own vision and plan for our lives as we busily go about fulfilling these in everybody else around us. Our kids (if we have them). Our partners (if we have one) and our friends. Everybody gets fed at the table of our lives before we do.

So how do we stop this? How do we get through this thing called life Without Losing Our Cool?

Most of us already know the answers to the things in life that we feel lost in, or the situations in our daily lives that we feel stuck in.  If we sit quietly, in prayer, meditation, or reflection and ask our intuition to speak to us, she will give us the answer. 

Sometimes all we really need is that person who has been where we are, and come through to the other side to help us take that first step into claiming:

Our strength. Our truth. Our power.

This is where I come in.  I am not a coach.  I am not a therapist.  I don’t have any letters after my name.  I don’t have any degrees hanging on my walls.  What I have is this badge I wear proudly.  I am a consecutive shitty hand dealt to them in life thriver!   I’m like your best friend.  I’m a sounding board.  I’m no bullshit.  I’m an extra set of ears.  I listen.  Like really listen.  And not through the lens of science, or stats, or human studies.  I listen to YOU.  I  hear YOU. And I ask the honest, sometimes tough questions; that help you get to the honest, sometimes tough answers.

Because if I can do it, then baby so can you!
So let’s get to your other side together!

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