I’ve been running around the city the past two days going to appointment from appointment to appointment, which means tons of driving, and you all know how much I absolutely love the city planning that is taking place with our roadways here.  So obviously I have a bunch of stuff that has made me go “hmmm…” and one in particular that has me saying WTAF?! Between you and I, has me seriously considering protesting paying taxes.  Because the mayor and city council members of my city are completely and entirely clueless as to what would really make our city work, and MOVE.

First, late mergers.  STOP already.  JUST DON’T DO IT.  It’s a pain in the ass, but more than that it is the entire reason why there is congestion to begin with.  Look, we all see the giant orange sign with the black arrow alerting every one of us to the impending merge.  So start planning your merge sooner, please and thank you.

Speaking of merging…what’s with the people who REFUSE to let people in front of them.  Like I mean WILL NOT, and then if you happen to drive a giant SUV and have the ability to make sure you can get in, they honk and flip you the bird.  Meanwhile said SUV driving woman, me, who is an early merger, gives plenty of indication, and always allows a minimum of one person in front of me, just cannot understand the people who won’t even let ONE PERSON in.  Like not even ONE?  What is up with that??  I love when this happens because inevitably we all end up at a red light together somewhere down the road.  If we all allow at least one person in at a merge, traffic will flow much better.  Thank you.

Yesterday a woman on the freeway tried to merge into the on ramp lane…ahhh NO.  That’s not a lane for you to drive in.  That is an allowing people onto the freeway lane.  Honestly, did she even take the road test???

TTC Josh Colle, I’m sorry but in my opinion you’re only looking at one side of the coin.  Yours.  And quite frankly so is all of city council.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH TAKING CARS OFF OF KING STREET???  35 city council people along with our mayor think that all the businesses, restaurants, cafes, theaters, and shops are going to sustain themselves with the 65,000 TTC riders who aren’t even getting off the FUCKING streetcar???  Yes 65,000 people RIDE that damn streetcar, but do they actually GET OFF DINE, SHOP, AND GO TO THE THEATRE??  I highly doubt that!  My guess is that is their route for COMMUTING not shopping.  But what do I know, I didn’t poll them.

Come to think of it, did THEY poll them??  To see how many of them spend their money at any of the establishments there.

You know what Josh Colle, and John Tory, you keep thinking people are going to take the transit in Toronto, but guess what?  They won’t because it sucks.  It is too expensive, there are not enough routes or buses, or subway trains servicing the city.  This is the absolute worst idea I’ve ever heard of.  You really think that in the pouring rain, sleet, and snow that people are going to park either above or below King Street and walk down to stroll along the extended sidewalk just to be among planters and bike share stations?  They’re not.

You know what is going to happen?  All the other arteries will take the load, and then you know what will happen there??  The other transit lines will begin to be congested and not be able to keep to their schedules and move people.  What are you going to do then smart asses?  Take all the cars out of the city core???  I mean you already don’t allow us to turn at most intersections.  What’s next?  Do I even want to live here long enough to find out.

Don’t even get me started as to how much it’s going to cost, which is…ONE POINT FIVE MILLION for a test project.

I wonder how much it would have cost to, I don’t know remove the streetcars which are an antiquated system for moving people anyway, and replace them with more buses??  Probably pretty close to 1.5 million, but hey, it would have kept a whack of small business owners from going out of business, and then costing the government many more millions in bankruptcies.  Which I truly hope isn’t the outcome, because that would be terrible.  For anybody who has ever been trapped on a city street with a broken down streetcar and parked cars, you know what I’m saying about streetcars not being an ideal solution in a city where they keep throwing up skyscrapers without improving the infrastructure.  Let’s move hundreds of thousands of people into the city core but do zero about helping them MOVE through it.

Or how about this as a solution?  Make King Street a one way, and then Queen Street also a one way between Jarvis and Bathurst.  But removing cars, trying to force them off the roads.  You’re dumb as dumb.  How about improving transit, therefore allowing cars, cyclists and the TTC the ability to move more easily through the city.  This is just a short sighted, not thoroughly thought out cockamamie idea that I honestly think I’ve ever heard.

Listen I rarely go to King West due to the shit-show that it is on a regular basis, but we do have a few restaurants that we LOVE and will make the trek at the exact right time of day.  Now.  With this going on, I can assure you that none of those businesses will see my ass anytime soon.  And when the next election comes along I can assure you that John Tory won’t be getting my vote either; even though his son is one of my favorite people on the planet (we’re birthday twins!!) and his daughter in law married to said son is the salt of the earth.  LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM.  I can’t back this whole failed “get Toronto moving” platform he ran on that has done exactly the opposite.