Dare I get too cocky and fall into the false confidence that every single day will bring with it 10,029 words added to my book, I figure I’ll get today’s What Would You Do Wednesday out of the way and then get down to the business of adding to my first draft!

Since it is June, and not only does the month get kicked off with the celebration of my birth on the 1st, it also happens to be Pride Month.  And, with the celebration of people’s rights to be who they are and love who they love, there sadly comes with it many stories of abuse, intolerance toward our brothers and sisters in the LGBTQ community.  Which has got me thinking, if you saw a business that had a sign in their front window boldly stating: NO GAYS ALLOWED in the establishment would you:

a)  march in there ask to speak to the owner of, in this case, Amyx Hardware in Tennessee, where this sign has been boldly plastered since 2015, and try to have a conversation with them about opening their hearts, and ultimately their minds by sharing your thoughts on how love is love?

b)  go inside with guns blazing, offended for all the people on earth who aren’t “straight” and give them a piece of your more open, loving mind?

c)  head inside and support a place such as this because you too happen to think that people being in love with people of the same sex is sinful, and unnatural?

d)  do nothing, walk on by and act like you didn’t see the sign because at the end of the day this sort of narrow mindedness and bigotry doesn’t affect your life?

I appreciate that this is a little bit of a “hot potato” topic, but I’m really curious to see where you sit on this matter.  I mean, I’m fairly confident that those who truly agree with this backward bozo aren’t going to shout their support loud and proud all over this post, but if you do, I am interested in knowing your reasons why you think their is nothing wrong with a business owner behaving in this manner in the year 2018.